Are you planning to develop your business by acquiring a company or to diversify and divest, sell one of your subsidiaries, prepare a data room, work on transactional documentation, need advice or experienced assistance in M&A, contract negotiation?

We will prepare all the necessary documentation from an NDA, simple letter of intent, due diligence report, to the execution of a complex share purchase agreement. We work in close cooperation with finance, tax, accounting or business valuation advisors. With our guidance through the acquisition process, you can count on quick assistance and be spared of unpleasant surprises. Our objective is, like yours, to close the deal, not to kill it.

We prepare financing and exit strategies for startups. We advise your executives in corporate law, take care of the mandatory registrations in the Commercial Register. For your business, we will draft a simple but legally secure contractual documentation, analyze your current documentation and defend your interests in court.

We understand that compliance is an absolute necessity in modern corporate law. Careful preparation of compliance programs, employee training and the monitoring of adherence to the compliance rules are paying off. We will convince you of that.

Assistance in English, French, Czech and Slovak is to be taken for granted.
While you focus on your business, law provides you support and protection.

I am interested in this service

  • Drafting of NDA, LOI, preparation of a data room, preparation of due diligence report, drafting and negotiation of share purchase agreement, drafting and implementation of closing check list and post-closing agenda
  • Transaction negotiation and deal advisory in cooperation with financial, accounting or tax advisors
  • Drafting or analysis of shareholder agreements, financing documentation, preparation of exit strategy, in particular, but not exclusively for startups
  • Preparation or analysis of contracts for executives and other members of statutory bodies
  • Constitution of companies, trusts, statutory changes, preparation and filing of applications for the registration of companies and trusts in the Commercial Register
  • Mergers, acquisitions, transformations, scissions of companies
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Preparation of filings for the registration of statutory changes to the Commercial Register
  • Compliance – structuring and preparation of compliance documentation, training and monitoring of due adherence to compliance rules
  • Drafting and analysis of contracts
  • General legal advisory in M&A and corporate law