Intellectual Property Law

Are you an innovator in your field of business?

Have you created a solution that you would like to protect? Do you want to transform your invention, production process or know-how, notoriousness of your products or services into a form that will increase the value of your company? Are you an author or an artist? Do your expressive faculties or your creations produce a value that provides you a source of income?

Intellectual property law will allow you to work with this gift and transform it into another asset. We will register your trademark or invention and prepare license agreements.

In short, we will protect your intellectual property.

There is no more valuable asset than your intellectual property. We are here to protect it.

I am interested in this service
  • Drafting of an application for the registration of a national, international or European trademark
  • Preliminary research service before submitting a trademark registration application
  • Preparation of objections to competing applications for the registration, preparation of assignments for nullity and forfeiture of trademarks which are already registered
  • Representation of clients in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office
  • Preparation and legal review of non-competition clauses and preparation of contractual documentation related to employees' intellectual property and protection of employer's know-how
  • Preparation and legal review of license contracts
  • Preparation of technology transfer contracts
  • Representation in litigation related to an infringement of trademark or copyright
  • Protection of domain names and related litigation assistance
  • General advisory in intellectual property law