Whether you are a large company, a small or medium-sized business or an individual employee, our doors are always open to you.

We will be happy to prepare a simple employment contract or a complete file for all labor law relationships within your company.
We will prepare a legal audit of your current labor documentation, we will help you draft internal regulations, regulations on the distribution of working time, remuneration or bonus schemes. We have experience negotiating with unions. We will represent you in delicate job termination negotiations, we will represent your interests in employment litigation before the court.
We really enjoy doing law. Employment law included.

I am interested in this service
  • Preparation of legal audits in employment law
  • Drafting of documentation on employment law (employment contracts, alternative work agreements)
  • Drafting of internal regulations (employment rules, internal guidelines)
  • Preparation of remuneration and bonus schemes, drafting of documentation relating to the distribution of working time
  • Analysis and drafting of non-competition clauses and related advisory services, protection of know-how in labor relations
  • Preparation and modification of collective agreements, assistance in negotiating with unions
  • Assistance during dismissals (notice of dismissal, immediate termination of employment contract, collective dismissal)
  • Defense of rights and representation at the court
  • General legal advisory in employment law