Unfortunately, even the most successful businesses are not spared the litigation agenda.

With our clients we try to prevent litigation and even in the event of an imminent conflict, we seek alternative out-of-court solutions. If the litigation is inevitable, we prepare with the client a litigation strategy for each individual phase, we always set the analysis of the success of the litigation against the analysis of the negative commercial, financial and temporal risks of loss.

If you need to file or defend your claim abroad, we would be happy to recommend you one of our partner law firms. We always act in a fair manner.
Did you have to face being called a lost case? Well, our coaches have always told us: There is no such thing as a lost ball!

I am interested in this service

  • Analysis of the documentation in the preparatory phase of the dispute and risk analysis
  • Preparation of pre-action notices
  • Legal representation of clients, preparation of legal filings (in particular claims, requests for payment orders, preliminary measures, statements of defense, preparation of ordinary or extraordinary remedies)
  • Representation in all stages of proceedings before civil law courts, arbitration courts, before administrative bodies
  • General legal advisory in litigation